Due to the name of the conference "RNUG" and political reasons we are unable to get funding from vendors and sponsors.
Professional Translation of events to different language was the largest part of the event budget.

Without proper support and funding event will be handled in Russian language only.
English speaking participants will be unable to get the latest information, news and share ideas, as well as find new customers.
RNUG User Group joins and unites people from different countries who share a passion about Notes/Domino/Sametime and products we love.

We build, We create, We share, We Inspire, We Teach.

We know You are going to miss our hospitality, our hugs and smiles and friendly atmosphere of RNUG.

We full fund the conference from our budget even without vendor support. Stay Safe.


From RNUG with Love

RNUG 2019 How it was?