panagenda workshop "Dirty secrets of the Notes Clients"

Мoscow, Myasnitskaya st. 13 p. 18
Wednesday, 09 October 2019
Beginning at 15:00
15:00- 15:15
15:00- 15:15
Dirty secrets of the Notes Clients
Fast. Dangerous. Always in control.

Learn the dirty secrets of the Notes Client and how you can turn them into golden features that will make you shine. You will leave the workshop equipped with new knowledge for your next Notes Client deployment and/or optimization project. You will be able to get better Notes client performance and stability by using less of the system resources, like CPU, Memory and File I/O – just because of the right tailor-made configuration of the Notes client for your very own system requirements. Get geared up for your next Notes V11 deployment with the best-practice tips to get Notes Clients deployed, configured, maintained and 'finally' loved by your users.

Don't forget, IBM Notes V11 is not far away from being released.
First day
10 oct 2019
09:00- 10:00
09:00- 10:00
After registration - coffee break*.
*In between sessions, you can always arrange a coffee break. Hot drinks and cookies are always available
Grand opening
Introduction, welcome words and attitude to work
Who is HCL?
Introduction to HCL company, Who we are , what is our strategy
Second day
11 october
Prize draw from sponsors and organizers
Rockefeller Hall
Ceremonial closing
Rockefeller Hall
Vladislav Tatarincev
Vladislav Tatarincevs is more than 20 years with Domino, started in 1998 on 4,5. DUAL Principal Certified Profession in Administration and Development, Certified IBM Instructor from 2005. HCL Master and IBM Champion. Addicted to Domino. Speaker on many international conferences about Domino Performance and Domino Monitoring
Roman Myilitsyin
Director of product ГК Astra Linux
Christoph Adler
Christoph has been working with Notes / Domino and other HCL software (formerly known as ICS - IBM Collaboration Solutions), mostly as a technical consultant, since 2001. He has been involved in large projects, including migrations, consolidations and client and application management from planning to design and implementation. Since 2012 he is working as a Senior Consultant at panagenda focusing on client management solutions for Notes, the analysis and optimization of Domino infrastructures, Domino Application modernization and cloud onboarding. Christoph is an IBM Champion (Collaboration Solutions) from 2016 - 2019, a HCL Master 2019 and a frequent speaker at technical conferences in Europe and the US.
Florian Vogler
Florian Vogler is CEO of panagenda group. panagenda is specialized in Analytics and Optimization of Collaboration and Communication. Florian travels extensively to work with customers around the globe and speak at conferences.
Uffe Sorensen
Глобальный директор DS Strategy в HCL Software

Сессии на RNUG FORUM
  • HCL Partnership Program
  • Future direction of the Notes Client
  • HCL Flex Licensing
Maria Nordin
I am a new team member of the fantastic Australian company ISW who develops the blockbusters Kudos Apps! My role is to be the "man" (of course woman) in Europe as Business Development & Marketing Manager - Europe. In short I make sure that our European customers are well taken care of and to communicate about our products in Europe. I am a firm believer of human goodness and power and that if we communicate with each other and make an effort to understand each other we automatically will have a better, friendlier and more effective work place. And not forget more FUN! Because that's what it's all about yes? IBM Champion since 2016 and I really like traveling, good food, snow, peace and laughter.
Theo Heselmans
Theo Heselmans started working as a Notes/Domino consultant with version 3. He delighted (and still does) many customers with custom applications. He founded his own company Xceed. He's also a proud member of the Penumbra Group. For 10 years now, he is responsible for Engage. During these events he gives users, speakers, IBMers and Business Partners the opportunity to share information, collaborate and network. Theo visits other User Groups regularly, and has been to 23 Lotusphere/Connect/Think conferences. Theo is one of the first lifetime IBM Champions. He is an avid believer in all things 'Social'. He loves to talk about Notes, Engage, Excel, wine and beer!
    Juozas Kvederis
    Эксперт по системам электронного документооборота и автоматизации процессов предприятий. 12 лет проводит консультации по оптимизации и автоматизации процессов, помогает предприятиям успешно внедрять системы управления документами и процессами. Вел множество проектов по внедрению и развитию электронного документооборота и корпоративных порталов.
      Wannes Rams
      Wannes Rams is the owner and Senior Architect at Ramsit, an IBM Business Partner in Belgium. He started his career as a system engineer for Econocom working on Windows, Exchange, Domino and Novell Netware. He then joined EMD to focus on the IBM Collaborative products like Domino, Quickr, Sametime, WebSphere, Portal and Connections. He has been doing IBM Connections implementations at big customers for a couple of years now and he is an Architect for designing big environments using WebSphere, DB2, Connections, Portal, Sametime, TDI, LDAP, SSO. One of his focuses is integration of different platforms and technologies. Wannes is an IBM Champion for Collaboration since 2014 and has a passion for Enterprise Collaboration. He also co-organizes the Social Connections Conference, a User group focused on IBM Connections
      Thomas Hampel
      Thomas Hampel is an IBM Offering Manager and responsible für IBM Notes/Domino application development. He is a Certified IT Architect (L2) and author of multiple IBM Redbooks. Before working as offering manager he worked in the Technical Sales Team of IBM Collaboration Solutions as IT Architect for large and complex projects.
      Tony Holder
      Tony Holder is a prolific traveler, hiker, runner, fly fisherman and beer connoisseur. In his professional life he is an enterprise social business advocate and evangelist. Tony is the Commercial Director for HADSL and is currently chairman of the Penumbra Group. "If you want to make me smile, show me a picture of some mountains or even better, lets go hiking!"
        Daniel Nashed
        Daniel Nashed - founder and principal of Nash!Com - Communication Systems - is a Notes/Domino architect, consultant, and developer mainly focused on infrastructure, high availability and security solutions. Working with Notes/Domino since V3, Daniel provides consulting and solutions design for Domino Traveler, system integration and troubleshooting. He is also an expert in cross-platform C-API development for Windows/UNIX/Linux and is the author of the popular Domino on Linux/Unix Start Script. Daniel is a regular speaker at international conferences for many years, runs a popular blog ( and recently became a IBM Lifetime Champion.
        Thilo Volprich
        Thilo Volprich has been developing and designing corporate solutions based on IBM Domino since 2001. Initially in software development in a large corporation, then in various industries and projects as a business and process consultant for several corporations. Since 2013 he joined Team Technology to create smart solutions to analyse and modernize Domino Applications. Team Technology has been IBM Beacon Award Finalist in 2018. Thilo is IBM Champion and a frequent speaker at conferences in Europe and the US.
        Barry Rosen
        Barry Rosen is a Senior Regional Director for Products and Platforms at HCL Technologies. He is responsible for the full offering requirements for IBM Notes, IBM Domino, Sametime and IBM Verse. Barry has owned many key product responsibilities across IBM's Messaging and Collaboration portfolio (including ICAA IMSMO, and Sametime.) Previously, Barry was a Messaging and Collaboration Consultant. As a consultant for nearly eight years, he was heavily involved in IBM SmartCloud for Social Business migrations and hybrid deployments. Barry is also a published author with several articles and books written on Lotus products.
        Danielle Baptiste
        Danielle Baptiste is Director of Offering Management for the Collaboration portfolio with HCL Collaboration & Talent. Spending most of her career focused on client experiences in onsite consulting roles, technical project management, and leadership in various client success environments at Pfizer, JP Morgan Chase, State Street Bank, IBM, and HCL, Danielle understands the importance of driving client experiences that are efficient in both their execution and their deployment. Transforming the way you work doesn't mean replacing what you have, but continuing to evolve your business to be ready for the next waves of new generational work styles, artificial intelligence instrumentation, and automation.
        Ivan Kuzmenkov
        CEO in Growth tactics, RNUG FORUM organizing committee member, expertly focused on implementation and optimization of Document management systems
          Dmitry Degtyar
          Генеральный директор и руководитель Low-Code платформы Clevadesk. Более 20 лет ведет проекты, на платформе Domino. Опыт разработки с версии 4.6.
            Анатолий Киреев
            XD Soft company, Senior Architect, 20 years of experience in IT, 7 of them in IBM. During this time practical work with different products of IBM, including Domino/Notes, from version 5, Connections from Version 1, Portal from verson 4.1. During last years responsible for planning large scale systems that uses HCL/IBM stack as well as Open Source.
              Максим Попыкин
              Rostelekom, Project Manager. Maksim has 20 year working experience in telecommunication projects. Responsible for development of internal corporate portal, as well for cooperation with business users and integrators and also for management of services lifecycle.
                HCL Notes V11 Performance Boost
                In this session (reloaded for Notes V11), you will learn how easy it can be to maximize Notes client performance. Let Chris show you, what can be tuned and how to resolve the best possible performance for your Notes client infrastructure. Discover tips and tweaks - how to debug your Notes client, deal with outdated ODS, network latency and application performance issues and the measurable benefit that provides to your users. You'll discover the current best practices for streamlining location and connection documents and why the catalog.nsf is still so important. You will leave the session with the knowledge you need to improve your Notes V11 client installations and to provide a better experience for happier administration and happier end-users!
                Virtual, Faster, Better! How to Virtualize HCL Notes V11
                Virtualizing IBM Notes V11 (incl. Language Packs, upcoming Fix Packs, IBM Connections Plugins for Notes and more) is an effective way to standardize your Notes client infrastructure, reduce costs for workstation hardware and give your users a consistent experience. In this session, you will learn how to implement, configure and tune IBM Notes V11 on platforms like Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop and get the most out of it by dramatically reducing start-up times (up to 70%), bringing a much better performance and increasing the stability into the Notes client. Beside a live demo on what we call "The Workspace (folder) Improvement" you'll also get some worst practices stories as Chris shares his experiences from real-world client virtualization projects, how these stories can help you and a detailed recipe on "How to run the Installation and initial configuration of Notes in the best possible way for your very own infrastructure".
                Economic wow-effect of cooking Domino properly. 2019's Forrester study and real life cases
                The latest research by Forrester, a respected IT analytics agency in the world, showed what we already knew: using Domino is extremely profitable. In report there will be real live examples of how you can save money and how to please the boss with obvious benefits. Cherry on the cake - comparing the TCO for Microsoft vs Domino
                HLC Domino xWork Server - in charge for maternity in Russian Federation
                This presentation tells story how system was developed and designed. This system gave litterary gave birth to kids. System was monitoring obstetric activities in region and was built on Domino. This system received highest mark by medical society. We will demonstate efficient use of xWork Server for creation of WEB application, successful synergy of noSQL and SQL technologies, technology of "lazy" initialization of Reader/Authors fields, realization of Hierarchical access model to data, integration with external system, built in constructor of forms and many more.
                AstraLinux for very long time adopts AstraLinux operating system for international market. Nowadays AstraLinux OS works in many internation companies and technological systems, for example Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant (China). It is obvious and logical that international clients shows more interes to unique fortified features of AstraLinux.
                ClevaDesk Low-code Platform - Features, Benefits, Case Studies
                You will learn how to use Domino and ClevaDesk to develop web projects in a short time. We will also talk about the capabilities of the ClevaDesk visual designer, integration with external systems and services, real-time data unloading from NSF to SQL, and examples of interesting projects.
                Вынесенные уроки: Реальный опыт введение git в классической разработке Notes
                Вы узнаете, как эффективно организовать Domino/Notes разработку в команде, как использовать git для управления версиями. Эти советы будут полезны, если у вас в команде 2 или более разработчика.
                Continuous Domino application delivery on Domino platform
                Session tells how to deliver versions in constant and agile way. How to automate new version creation, as well how to put this version on test or production environment.
                Domino на Docker
                Docker containerization in Domino V10 has become a powerful tool in the administrator arsenal. Join this session to learn the best practices for bringing Docker into your datacenter or hybrid cloud deployment.

                Daniel Nashed, Thomas Hampel
                HCL Domino RunFaster=1
                Domino is a complex application environment. To get the best performance out of your Notes and Domino environment, you need to look at not only specific tuning parameters but also the whole client and server environment. This session will provide detailed tuning tips and experience from the field for fine tuning your Notes Client and Domino server performance and also look into how application design impacts performance. The session also covers current pitfalls and ways to measure client and server performance to help you measure the effects of squeezing the maximum out of your Domino infrastructure and your Windows or Linux operating system.
                Roundtable: Forming the Russian Notes User Group
                Charter/purpose of RNUG How is it managed ? Will it be membership based or loose affiliation Liaison with HCL Events/meetings in R/CIS - Moscow or throughout R/CIS Overall objective to establish a working team to define "RNUG" and feed back to participants - then on-going management of RNUG
                The right time to learn a Javascript Frontend Framework like vue.js is NOW - Quickstart for Domino Developer
                With Domino 10 and especially with the possibilities of an integrated Nods.js server, it is time to take a closer look at frontend development. Three heavily used frameworks are available (Angular, React und Vue) and I will concentrate on one of them: Vue.JS!
                About digital transformation and modernizing Domino Application landscapes
                Digital transformation is a brutal driving force: Faster, higher, cheaper, more - all in shorter time and with the same or lesser staff. Some seek the cure in the cloud, other offerings or both, be it Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Salesforce or similar. HCL Notes, Domino and Nomad have a lot to offer and various true and unique competitive advantages. In this session we will look at how to best optimize and modernize existing application landscapes. This session is not about coding, but about understanding options, finding answers and best practices.
                HCL Partnership Program
                Once the IBM divestiture closes, all renewals and new sales of the divested products will be transacted with HCL instead of IBM. Come join HCL for an interactive session to learn about the new and exciting business partner program for the newly acquired software from IBM. In this session we will cover how the program will work, the services that the HCL team will deliver to our partners, your discounts, details around deal registration and protection and how to become and HCL Partner.
                The future of collaboration is now: HCL Connections
                From global tech giants to the most trusted hospitals, companies rely on HCL Connections to simplify work, encourage communication, and create a more engaged organization. Connections brings it all together — the only enterprise collaboration platform centered on the true driver of your business, your people. During this session we'll show you the latest information about how Connections can transform your business and share how HCL is investing for the future in this collaborative portfolio.
                The HCL Domino on Linux Round Table
                We will discuss the current Domino Linux strategy in an interactive round table setting. If you are new to Linux/CentOS, a pro, or just curious, bring your questions and be part of the conversation all while hearing the latest information from within the community. We welcome you to provide feedback to HCL's current Linux strategy and we would like to hear about local market Linux (like Astra Linux) requirements. Join us!
                HCL Masters Programme
                A discussion and presentation on how Champions became Masters.
                Next generation Document management solutions on Domino platform
                During the session, you will hear practice examples of how to use electronic document and process management system, also intranet tools to solve a variety of challenges related to staff process automation, email and contact management, intern communication and cooperation, goal allocation and task control in your organization. The presentation will be lead by Sekasoft, the company, that constantly invests to research and development of their product and in this session you will have opportunity to explore and evaluate the new design of their system launched this autumn with last version update! Sekasoft has 25 years of European experience implementing IT solutions to ensure organization's management and increase operational efficiency.
                How to automate HCL Domino user management and get it right first time and every time!
                АThe need for automated administration of your Domino environment has never been greater. As administrators focus on new environments you need to ask who is taking care of security, user ids and recertifications? Who is managing the onboarding of new staff that need access to Domino data and removing access for staff that are leaving? And who is managing the audit trail of user access rights? Whether you are investing in your Domino environment or reducing your reliance upon it, you need to manage security, user ids and groups and you need it to be effort free as Domino data often remains mission critical. HADSL FirM makes user identity provisioning and management easy by automating your business processes and letting you delegate the right tasks to the right people. By automating your processes, new starters, leavers and movers will all be configured correctly, first time, every time. With audit trails and requester / approver workflows you know who did what and with support for SPML and other automated feeds you might not need to load the Admin Client ever again! Automatically manage mobile devices as well as Active Directory users too! Let the infamous Holder brothers show you how to save time and money by getting your Domino Administration right first time, every time with HADSL FirM!
                Social Platform of Rostelekom
                We will share our experiences in using IBM/HCL product to build a social intranet portal for a large company. We will tell which portal services are most popular an why. We will present examples of integration points with external systems and mobile applications. We will share out approaches to successful migrations for underlying products.

                Anatoly Kireev, Maksim Popykin
                SUPERCHARGED HCL Notes V11 Upgrades: Turning the WORST Notes deployments into the BEST
                Join this session and learn how you can take the WORST Notes client deployments (simulated multi-user, copied data directories, outdated templates, misconfigured workspace folders, dramatically grown data directories, very slow clients, clients with crashes, etc.) and clean it, upgrade it and deliver it WITHOUT DISRUPTION! No matter how much you try, you will always find Notes clients out there that do not behave or participate! Gain access to the best and latest Notes client management knowledge, combined with more than 15 years of experience with Notes client upgrades to get the fastest and most stable IBM Notes V11 Client ever.
                Get Started with IBM Connections Customizer
                This talk will take you through the basics of IBM Connections Customizer: what is it and how it works. Then it will provide you with a simple explanation of how it works, based on one easy-to-understand example. From the initial setup and configuration, to how to get the example running, the discussion will explain all the complicated buzzwords you hear in other sessions on this topic, and make them understandable so that even non-developers will be empowered to use this great tool.
                HCL Custom Advocacy Program
                New HCL Advocacy program helps customer get closer to HCL. Business partner plays role of a advocate, who helps customer get business critical requests to be processed faster by HCL. As result customer requests are router faster to right people. Making customer happy
                Optimize your Domino Application Landscape with teamWorkr (Analytics and Modernization)
                Domino environments have usually existed in companies for decades. During this time, a lot of work has been done with and on the platform. Hundreds to thousands of Notes applications for the most diverse processes and workflows in the company have often been created. The existing applications represent a high investment for companies. The grown landscape of the Notes databases used can be very complex and is often confusing. For strategic planning and application optimization, you need tools for automated analysis and application modernization. In this session I show how teamWorkr Analytics can be used to analyse the quality of code in applications and how the most relevant applications can be identified. Additionally I show in a live demo how teamWorkr can be used to enrich existing applications with a modern user interface to use them in any browser or on any mobile device. And this with the existing knowledge a Notes developer already has.
                Kudos Boards for Connections
                This session will demonstrate how the combination of IBM Verse and Domino, IBM Connections and Kudos Boards delivers on the Task Management component of Workstream Collaboration. See live demos of advanced personal and team task and project management, enabling your users to take action and instantly create relevant team spaces to manage projects and tasks. Learn about the impact of beautiful and intuitive design; and see how Kanban Boards, MindMaps and Timelines empower your users both internal and external to work together, manage the overload of work, and achieve business outcomes together. We will in this session also demonstrate that we now also integrate Kudos Boards with Office 365!
                'Pimp' your apps to look great on Mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone!
                With a little bit of effort though, you can make your Notes apps look so much nicer. During this session, we'll show you an app, and how it looked before we 'pimped' it, and after. We'll also show a little bit of the design changes and code that we applied, so you know where to start. It's fun, and you and your users/customers will love what you accomplished using the tips we'll give you.
                70 Tips simple tips to make admin life easier
                70 or more tips how to make Domino administration easier
                Source code common store for efficient Domino development
                В больших командах часто есть необходимость написать те или иные функции для облегчения написания кода
                Next Generation Domino Monitoring
                Statistics of Domino server has thousands of values, which need to be monitored, analyzed and admin should react if value is exceeds recommended value. During this session Vladislav will tell what every administrator should check daily, and how this process can be automated. Checking one server may take up to 30-40 minutes, if everything is perfect, in case of 15 servers this may take whole day. Monitoring can do this automatically 24x7 and also can monitor business applications (NSF). As result - administrators will have less less load and more time to do more creative things like
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