Anna Lipay

Consultant at Beck et al. GmbH

Born in Moscow. Living in Munich.
Studied linguistics at Moscow Region State University, computational linguistics at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.
Since 2018 works as a Consultant at Beck et al. GmbH

10:00 (MSK) 2:00 a.m. (EST) ALPHA HALL

Friday December 11

Microsoft 365 Delve profile integration with Connections

Martin Schmidt

Anna Lipay

You are using Microsoft Office 365? Your users are updating their Delve profiles? Attend this session to learn how to integrate this content into Connections to enrich your Enterprise Social Network to search and find relevant profile information.


11:00 (MSK) 3:00 a.m. (EST) BRAVO HALL

Wednesday December 9

Connections Communities can be intuitive and attractive with the highlight app.

Connections communities must be user-friendly and attractive to users. The Highlights application is not widespread, it helps you identify properly organized and attractive communities. Join this session to learn the basics of the Highlights app and how to make your community more intuitive and attractive.