Heather Hottenstein

RPR Wyatt

Heather Hottenstein has been working with Lotus/IBM/HCL Notes and Domino since 1994, starting with version 3.0. Over these 26 years she has focused on all things system administration to include deployments, upgrades, email migrations, health audits and troubleshooting bizarre issues. For the past 15 years she has been part of the RPR Wyatt team, an IBM and HCL Business Partner, where she assists many clients with managing their Notes and Domino environment. She is a proud member of the HCL Ambassador class of 2020 and enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion for the product suite.

19:00 (MSK) 11:00 a.m. (EST) ALPHA HALL

Thursday December 10

The Life of a Domino and Office 365 Administrator

Heather Hottenstein

Andy Higgins

While companies migrate their Notes mail to Microsoft 365; they continue to operate Domino servers in order to continue using the applications that run the business. Many of the skills you gained administering Domino directly apply to Office 365. Additionally, there are technical solutions available for integrating Domino and O365, reducing your overall workload. This session will discuss how to effectively administer the two environments successfully.


18:00 (MSK) 10:00 a.m. (EST) ALPHA HALL

Monday December 7

Upgrade to Notes and Domino 11 today

Many Notes and Domino environments are still running on R9 or older. This session will discuss the many new features delivered in releases 10 and 11. These improvements will increase the integrity of your server environment, improve the user experience and assist you in being a more efficient administrator. Overall, the items covered in this session will help you convince your management team that the technical and business benefits of 11 are worth the investment.