Thilo Volprich

Team Technology GmbH
14:00 (MSK) 6:00 a.m. (EST) ALPHA HALL

Friday December 11

Escape the callback hell: How to master asynchronous Javascript

13:00 (MSK) 5:00 a.m. (EST) BRAVO HALL

Wednesday December 9

How to boost your Domino App Modernization to the next level

Thilo Volprich

Franz Walder

Do you know the game "How might we"? We, that is panagenda and Team Technology, played this game on the fringe of a tech conference. The challenge was clear: What would a Game Changer be in the context of HCL Notes / Domino App Analytics and Modernization? You can best imagine the result of our session with one simple thought: At the end of an in-depth analysis of your HCL Notes / Domino applications the central result is a ready-to-use application and not longer data and many colorful charts on a dashboard or PowerPoint slide as before…  The new, common formula for success & speed in modernization is: "Analyze > Deploy > Test > Optimize". This process enables you to get immediate user feedback in order to better understand what concrete requirements a user has on a mobile device. The central challenge today is to provide up-to-date mobile applications and not simply to transfer the old-fashioned desktop interface & business logic to a mobile device 1-to-1.


11:00-13:00 (MSK) 3:00-5:00 a.m. (EST) ALPHA HALL

Friday December 4

Workshop: Discover modernization – live

In this workshop we will demonstrate the power of teamWorkr and show you how to BOOST and BEAUTIFY existing Domino Application.
We would like to use an interactive format for the first time. We will not tell you boring theory, instead we will perform the modernization in front of your eyes. Don't worry, we do all the work…
We modernize and all participants can follow the results live on any device from anywhere in the world. After we have shown all the basic functions we move on to the most exciting part of the workshop.
You ask, we deliver! Tell us your expectations and requirements and we will carry them out. No tricks, no illusion – just teamWorkr.