User Agreement

User Agreement

1. Terms and Definitions

“User” is any Internet user browsing the Website.

“User Agreement” is the current version of the Agreement published at

“Website” is the website of CYONE LLC at, as well as any other online service of CYONE LLC (available now on in the future).

2. General Provisions

2.1. This User Agreement is an agreement between the User and CYONE LLC concerning the rules of using the Website.

2.2. CYONE LLC offers the User to accept the terms and conditions of the present User Agreement to in order to gain access to certain functions of the Website. The User Agreement shall come into force from the moment of the User’s direct consent to the provisions hereof expressed according to clause 2.3. below.

2.3. The User accepts the terms hereof in full by pressing the button to confirm that they have read and understood the User Agreement.

2.4. The User Agreement can be changed by CYONE LLC without any notification to the User. The new version of the User Agreement comes into force as soon as it is posted on the Website.

2.5. The User confirms to have read and consented to the provisions of the following documents posted on the Website:

– User Agreement (link: );

2.6. To use some services, the User may need to pass the registration procedure resulting in creating a unique account for the User. In such case the User shall provide reliable data for registration and keep such data up to date.

3. Personal Data

3.1. If any of the Website services require input of personal data into the User’s account at registration, such personal data shall be stored and processed in accordance with the principles and rules of personal data processing stipulated by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 152-FZ “On personal data”, dated July 27, 2006.

4. Final Provisions

4.1 This User Agreement shall be regulated under the legislation of the Russian Federation.

4.2 Invalidity of any one or several provisions hereof shall not invalidate or render inapplicable any of the remaining provisions hereof.


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