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HOW IT WAS - RNUG 2020 Speakers video presentations


Vladislav Tatarincev / Stanislav Shvachko

Workshop: Discover modernization – live

Thilo Volprich

DeepDive Workshop — HCL Notes Client upgrades/deployments using MarvelClient

Christoph Adler


Petr Kunc

OGS - Opening of the RNUG conference

Vladislav Tatarincev

Domino JVM: That's all right

Pavel Aleshkevich

FByte.Platform a framework for creating applications

Ramazan Salpagarov

OGS - Top of Mind

Richard Jefts

Digital Solutions Portfolio and Product Strategy

Andrew Manby

Upgrade to Notes and Domino 11 today

Heather Hottenstein

2FA for Domino

Sergey Golubev

Activities Plus – installation deep dive and deployment scenarios

Wannes Rams

HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP2 — Performance Boost Re-Reloaded

Christoph Adler

Proper monitoring the Domino platform

Vladislav Tatarincev

Connections split

Andreas Weinbrecht

Sametime Meeting 11.5 installation on Docker

Roberto Boccadoro

Boost and beautify Domino applications

Thilo Volprich

80% less helpdesk tickets with Notes Client Management

Florian Vogler

Domino New licensing

Tony Holder / Uffe Sorencen

Verse on Premises 2.0 Best Practices

Heather Hottenstein

Domino & Notes V12

Barry Rosen

The state of Instant Messaging

Andy Higgins

Sametime Premium

Ginni Saini

Frome hate to love a few weeks of configuration

Vladislav Tatarincev

HCL Safelinx - How to securely connect to your infrastructure

Thomas Hampel / Ketan Godhaniya / Christoph Adler

Domino V12 Security Preview

Thomas Hampel / Daniel Nashed

Connections Communities can be intuitive and attractive with the highlight app

Anna Lipay

HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP2 Upgrades: Easy — Fast — Seamless

Christoph Adler

How to boost your Domino App Modernization to the next level

Thilo Volprich / Franz Walder

Virtual, Faster, Better! How to deploy HCL Notes 11.0.1 FP2 for Citrix/VDI

Christoph Adler

How to speed-up HCL Domino web application with HAproxy and Elastic Stack

Ivan Kuzmenkov / Daria Nesterova

Activities Plus - The new Activities module in HCL Connections

Maria Nordin


Benn Blackburn / Tavie Best-Omele

Administration shortcuts: get the most out of your domino environment with Ytria's EZSuite

Eric Houvenaghel

Domino app platform VS Microsoft App platform

Andy Higgins

Connections V7 / Roadmap

Rene Schimmer

DevOps and Cloud.Native for HCL Digital Solutions Administrators

Luis Guirigay

Domino Volt Roadmap (December release)

Marty Lecheider

iADMIN - Domino administration automation

Vladislav Tatarincev

Domino Application Strategy: Key insights for successful modernization and migration projects

Franz Walder

Domino Verse

Thomas Hampel / Agnes Ng

Minikube – get Connections in the smalles possible setup

Martin Schmidt

Nomad Web

Thomas Hampel

Adapting profiles for blue collar workers without email

Andreas Weinbrecht

Digital Experience Overview and Roadmap

Jason Cornell

Saving days of work with the Ytria Development Suite and focusing on what really matters

Eric Houvenaghel

Domino on Docker

Thomas Hampel / Daniel Nashed

The Life of a Domino and Office 365 Administrator

Heather Hottenstein / Andy Higgins

Microsoft 365 Delve profile integration with Connections

Martin Schmidt / Anna Lipay


Paul Withers

Connections in AWS with cloud native services

Martin Schmidt

Project KEEP

Stephan Wissel

Escape the callback hell: How to master asynchronous Javascript

Thilo Volprich

Let's make our Domino Web Server Rock Solid!

Patrick Zarnikow

Сlosing of the RNUG conference

Vladislav Tatarincev


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